Poslech školní konference s ISS


Dostal jsem zprávu od Toma OK4BX z Tweetru:

2e0sql: School ISS Contact tomorrow at 12:23 UK Time.. should be strong as its over Germany.. 145.800 +/- Doppler

Tak jsem zkusil poslechnout jen tak na rychlo s ručním transceivrem ICT-7E a stabilní anténou UV200 na střeše domu. OR4ISS byl slyšet velmi dobře, proto jsem celou relaci nahrál na mobilní telefon. Posuďte sami jak to 7 minut šlo z ISS. Během poslechu jsem musel dolaďovat QRG vlivem doppleru a proto je v záznamu slyšet rušivé zvuky.

Zdeněk OK2BX

Otázky studentů:

  1. What is the best part of being an astronaut?
  2. How does your typical day look like, do you have any rituals?
  3. Do you have free time and how do you spend it?
  4. Do you feel time, when there isn't night and day?
  5. What kind of food do you miss most?
  6. Can you imagine that a person without “NASA-training” can live on the space station?
  7. What is the most difficult thing to get used to in microgravity and for what reason?
  8. Which experiments are currently being conducted by the crew?
  9. Is there a special sleeping-room?
  10. How long can you stay outside the ISS doing repair works?
  11. What does it feel like to be in outer space?
  12. Is there any difference between observing comets or falling stars from the ISS or from the earth's surface?
  13. Is it possible to observe really strong thunderstorms from the ISS?

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