First trip on the portable with radio


Something very odd happened in local radio club and my father became silently unwanted when his key suddenly did not match to lock to club QTH anymore.. It was just time went out on hill and check our gears in real portable conditions.

We live on highlands, there are many hills around out home and it took us while choose one of them where to go. Finally we went into JN79UE, nice spot, easy accessible by car and hide enough of rubbernecks..

Installed equipments:

  • 20–10M 1/4wave vertical antenna
  • 17M Moxon home made rectangle antenna
  • TRX FT897 100watts
  • Kipor generator

Installation took us approx 30 minutes, we are already trained from previous operations. Then we stayed till evening on the top of hill and enjoyed hamradio and great summer weather and outstanding view as well.

First qso was with ET3JA (Ethiopia) on 17M. Just on time, guy just ask if is frequency occupied, then I discovered he is Czech too – thanks Josef for qso. I stayed on 17M most time and enjoyed moxon performance.

Final summary:
20M SX24, HB2008, R45
17M ET, SX24, S7, EA, SM, 9H, PY
10M SX24, 3V8

In the evening we packed everything as quick as installed and very satisfied left this qth to our short journey home. During late evening we celebrated our successful mission in local restaurant with tasty drink and eat.

Gallery with photos from this event is available here

Thanks everybody for the qso and cuagn, 73 de Tomas ok4bx