IARU HF Championship 2008


After one year I participated in IARU HF Championshop 2008 contest. In 2007 I was qrv only on SSB and it did not impress to me. After repair our antenna and Jon's invitation I finally decided this year to try CW only. I am not keen morse man, but I like that making qso on CW is much more easy, less qrm and there is chance make some DX too..

Started late in Saturday afternoon. It seemed to me, that almost all signals were pretty weak and unstable. Big surprise when I heard and easy work ZV2HQ on 15M . Another surprise VK6AA on 20M and ZS,2×W,PY on 15M ! I heard China HQ and Japan HQ but did not work.

On 17:30z became bands very noisy(QRN). Checked meteo radar – big storm cloud over Austria which came also very close to our qth. Switched off TRX, disconnected antenna and left contesting till tomorrow.

Return to shack 2,5 hours before end of contest. I set up my goal to 100 qso for Sunday (150 total). Worked HQ stations stayed on 40M then jumped 40–20–15–10M bands.. Worked DX: 8N3HQ and ZD8Z.

40M 31 51 2 22 4 5 0
20M 75 65 3 31 11 12 19
15M 40 156 4 24 10 12 7
10M 10 33 2 7 5 5 1
Total 156 305 11 84 30 34 27

Used equipments:

  • Vertical antenna (40–10M)
  • TRX Icom 756pro2 75Watts output power
  • Keying from 4 built-in TRX's memories ;-)
  • Writelog logbook
  • No DX Cluster

HF prop info:

  • Solar Flux: 65 | Ap: 20 | Kp 3 (39 nT) at 0900 13 Jul
  • Solar Flux: 66 | Ap: 8 | Kp 3 (38 nT) at 1800 12 Jul
  • SSN: 0 (07/13/2008)

Thanks everyone for qso and FUN !
73! de Tomas ok4bx


Hi Tomas, finally I found

Hi Tomas, finally I found your blog! Nice blog Tomas!
Thanks that my invitation could 'force' you to join in IARU Contest.
Same as you that band propagation is not quiet good, I got only 50 Qso's, hi hi......
I hope next time I could see you on the band!

73 de yb2ecg.

Thanks and welcome, Jon! I

Thanks and welcome, Jon!

I hope I will keep updated our website with some valuable and interesting content. Btw, you are first public visitor and you posted first comment..

Hmm, seems that we are in deep solar minimum now. I hope we will be able make regular contact on shorwave sometimes in the future, if condx permit.

Have fun,
73! de Tomas