IOTA contest 2008


This contest was next opportunity train little bit cw. On Friday, day before, dad modified cable between optoisolated interface and TRX to control cw keying. Configuration of Writelog contest logbook to produce CW on DTR signal on separate commport was simply unsuccessful, already for several times. TRX always lock. I gave it up after next 30 minutes and decided to try N1MM logger.

Installation of N1MM took short while and configuration of hw was pretty simple. What did not work after long hopeless tries in writelog, was configured immediately in N1MM. I enjoyed some smart functions which are defaultly enabled.

It seemsed to me that every qso cost me many more time than in previous contests, does not matter it was cw or phone. Probably longer exchange, many common stations became IMO extremly promoted by IOTA rules and many pileups on the bands – not good for S&P, low power and vertical, hi..

Highlights were: qso with VY2TT on 10m, worked 1×JA, heard 1×CX, 1×LU.

Band Mode QSOs Pts Mult
7 CW 13 135 7
7 LSB 3 21 1
14 CW 56 540 24
14 USB 1 3 0
21 CW 24 228 6
21 USB 13 171 8
28 CW 20 180 9
28 USB 13 135 5
Total Both 143 1413 60
Score: 84 780  

HF prop info:

  • Solar Flux: 66 | Ap: 6 | Kp 2 (11 nT) at 1200 26 Jul
  • Solar Flux: 66 | Ap: 4 | Kp 2 (15 nT) at 1200 27 Jul
  • SSN: 0 (07/27/2008)

Very good experience with N1MM. Software did not crash and worked good for me. I only miss Writelog superpartial check which work different (better) than N1MM check. Interesting to me was compare CW and SSB mode in one contest.

Thanks for fun and QSOs