LoTW 1k Milestone


Today is Wed, 16 Jul 2008 UTC
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Started LoTW with no expectation. After quick and smooth certificate authorization by ARRL, I started enjoy to see new confirmed QSOs.. Currently 80 DXCC, last QSLs from EA5FL and ZC4LI who and, of course, others let me reached 1k LoTW QSLs with 25% successfulness.. Thanks everyone! Perhaps, one day I will be able apply for at least 100 DXCC award confirmed via LoTW.

BTW it is funny that 4000 QSOs took me 2 years when I realize, that someone else can make it in one or two contests..

73! de Tomas ok4bx


Hello Tomas -- Thanks for

Hello Tomas --

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my map. Congrats on your 1,000 mark! That's awesome. I can't wait until I make that many confirmed contacts!

I've never tried LoTW, but I think I will now. I didn't have high hopes on it either, but you have convinced me otherwise!

73! de Robin

Hello Robin, your blog is my

Hello Robin,

your blog is my rss reader, I will visit you again for sure. IMO, LoTW is fun, you can check for new QSLs every day and reason for me why I registered to LoTW instead eQSL.cc is that confirmed contacts are immediately valid to DXCC/WAS awards! You must sign every uploaded ADI/CBR file with certificate to grant your identity, which sounds complicated, but it take very very short time. QSL card in LoTW is only one line in table, no nice picture, no paper card with handwritten sign of operator.. I can provided you some screenshots if you want..

Robin, wish you and your family many DX and fun with hamradio!