Analysis of EU-PSK-DX 2008 contest


I joined this PSK contest orginized by European Psk Club. It was great opportunity collect in short time many points to their award program and to give few points to real contesters.

These days when most contests are submited and checked electronically this was only one contest when I could see result very quick, only after 3 months ! I got also by email pdf certificate which was very nice to me and I added it to my EPC awards collection.

Certificate looks nice, but although I only gave points, I was very curious how many mistakes was in my log. Finally found information in EPC group that something called UBN can be send upon request. I sent email to UT7FP and got result promtly!

I found also what the UBN mean on K9JY site: Unique / Busted / Not in log

Here is main part of UBN file which I got:

NIL. QSO with station on this band, not i M3GUE.cbr
14000 RY 2008–05–18 0718 OK4BX 599 CZ10 M3GUE 599 EN54
NIL. QSO with station on this band, not in Z32ID.cbr
21000 RY 2008–05–18 0805 OK4BX 599 CZ10 Z32ID 599 EC08

*QSO not counted – Invalid Rcvd Number or other station sent wrong Area/number.
7000 RY 2008–05–18 0608 OK4BX 599 CZ10 SP4IRS 599 PLO7
*QSO not counted – Invalid Rcvd Number or other station sent wrong Area/number.
3500 RY 2008–05–17 2109 OK4BX 599 CZ10 SP9CTS 599 PI16

Band QSOs Pts. Mults
3500 33 63 44
7000 48 98 61
14000 50 110 54
21000 11 23 15
Totals 142 294 174
Actual Score: 51156

First, it is great score only 4 errors from total of 146 QSOs. There is no doubt about 2 NILs, but pretty tricky error with SP4IRS when I received or he sent “O” instead “0” (zero). As “O” and “0” are close together on keyboard I guess it is his typo, because I collected everything with mouse and clipboard in HamRadioDeluxe.

Error SP9CTS is always question. As I found he is not member of EPC, so I should received serial number. Probably first number was broken in QRM into these characters, who knows.. Anyway “PI” looks similiar to “PL” and I simply missed this error..

Final conclusion: Another nice contest and it was a lot of fun. CUAGN in EPC PSK63 QSO Party.
73! de Tomas