EU HF Championship 2008


I participated also this year in this contest. I was ready both modes CW and SSB, all Qsos were made as search and pounce. I used dad's IC 756PRO2 75watts and multi band vertical antenna.

Started immediatelly on 12oo UTC. Made few contacts on 20m and then moved on 10m and 15m. All QSO went very smoothly in compare with IOTA contest. I got answer from everyone quite quickly. Changed bands and modes and it was nice to meet same stations again there.

For quite longer part of contest dad and I were visited our friends. They were on hill close to our town and they were preparing for Sunday's VHF contest. I Shortly tuned 2m radio and there were plenty of activity – that weekend were announced more than 10 national contests on VHF.

Returned home late night at 21oo UTC and it was best time. Absolutely no Qrm and clear bands, new Qsos accumulated in logbook still quite good. At 23oo one hour before end I simply gave it up and moved very tired after long day to the bed.

Band Mode QSOs Pts Mult
7 CW 29 29 18
7 LSB 21 21 12
14 CW 39 39 16
14 USB 24 24 15
21 CW 23 23 17
21 USB 12 12 6
28 CW 11 11 9
28 USB 3 3 3
Total Both 162 162 96
Score: 15 552

HF prop info:

  • Solar Flux: 66 | Ap: 4 | Kp 0 (3 nT) at 1200 02 Aug
  • Solar Flux: 66 | Ap: 2 | Kp 2 (12 nT) at 0000 03 Aug
  • SSN: 0 (08/02/2008)

I used N1MM contest logbook again. There were some issue that worked Qso was not added into bandmap, although this feature worked fine in IOTA contest. Read for while between Qsos manual, but I did not find any solution.

Thanks everyone to QSO and for fun !