Perl script for your QSO statistic


It is already over 2 years when I got my second callsign OK4BX and became more active on shortwaves. During that time I tried differents modes , bands, contests, transceivers, antennas. Now, I think, it is time to make little recapitulation.

For this purpose, I wrote simple PERL script to convert any ADI log file into band/mode table with sums of QSO. IMO, these numbers are interesting and shows about operator activities, probably more than worked/confirmed DXCC etc..

You can see my here:…so-statistic

PERL script “” is available free for everyone who wants create such table at:

I would be very happy if you leave info where is your statistic from “” reacheable.. I do not want look only to mine, hi. If you are not experienced perl user, leave me message, I will help you.

73! de Tomas ok4bx