Ham trip - VHF Contest - All Asian DX contest


On Saturday 6th september 2008 father and I performed one day ham radio trip. First we visited Zdenek OK2VMJ and Franta at Karasin jn89dn (712m asl) who camped there and participated in VHF contest and on journay back home we said “hello” to OK5Z crew at Cyrilov jn89ak (662m asl).

Of course, this event start earlier, when we plan it. Finally, we decided on Saturday morning took HF vertical and FT897 and try some short waves QSOs. Route to Karasin is very well known to me, many times I spent holidays there by OK2ZZ's sons. It was excellent weather, like in middle summer. Arrived shortly before noon and started assembled HF antenna. VHF contest started on 14:00 UTC so Zdenek and Franta was camping..

What a surprise when I tuned radio and I heard “cq contest”. I listened for while and I was thinking what contest is in progress. I recognized All Asian DX after while and started first contest QSO. Have not idea what I should use as exchange. I got number “38”, thought it is serial number, replied “001”.. I was noticed that exchange is age. I had to smile, because I had just my birthday, so I answered with right exchange code “31”.

HF prop info:

  • Solar Flux: 65 | Ap: 6 | Kp 1 (7 nT) at 0900 06 Sep 2008
  • SSN: 0 (09/06/2008)

I would not belive that with such poor antena as is 1/4 wave trapped 3 bands vertical with 1 radial for each band and FT897 only 100W output power I could participate in PHONE DX contest ! What a surprise when in 2 hours I worked 9 japanese stations, even I “won” some pile up! Finally, I logged 18 QSOs with Asia continent, it was nice experience and gift to my birthday.

EK3, UN7, EX2, JY4, A42, RW0, JG1, RA9, RV9, 2×JA7, JH7, JA3, JR4, 4J6, JA8, JH4, JR5

Before 14:00 UTC we closed out portable station and helped little bit to guys errect their 2M antenna. We then said good bye to Zdenek and Franta and left Karasin and on way home we still visited OK5Z contest QTH.

When we arrived at Cyrilov everybody of crew was out and relaxed, only Ruda OK2JNM shouted “cq contest” on 2M (1 band contest, no more operators needed). So, we joined the rest and did small refreshments and chat.

Before sunset we finished short way to our home. Thanks to everyone for hospitality, it was nice Saturday with a lot of hamradio!


Nice trip Tomas, Sorry that I

Nice trip Tomas,
Sorry that I did not join the AA Contest, but I'll be QRV at CQ WW RTTY and hope to see you on the band!

Hope you had a nice birthday,

Hope you had a nice birthday, and good job with your antenna (IOIo).

The WX is much better in OK Land h.i congrats on your Japanese pile up busting station!

73 Simon 2E0HTS

Hello Simon, thanks for

Hello Simon,

thanks for comment. Birthday was UFB. Still smilling when one contest I know where is age as exchange is on my birthday. I was S&P only, as almost whole EU, probably next reason why I could worked these dx stations. Last days were here pretty cold and rainy, I can imagine it is like common G WX :) Tried listen SO-50 and AO-51 (QRP) but signals were weak. Next experiments will continue when WX permit..

73! Tomas