Counter kit for our QRP TRX


In summer I saw in one global rss feed information from solder smoke website about counter kits from Doug N3ZI. I like it and I added it to favourites. After some time returned to Doug's website and decided ask him to some details which were not clear to me. He replied immediately and I ordered chip with frequency counter firmware with xtal and display – without PCB. I am used to do everything on “universal board”.

I started, soldered sockets and few wires. Unfortunatelly there was not opportunity finish it till last weekend. Dad and I decided to build QRP TRX and use this frequency counter in it. So, this weekend during JARTS contest I finally completed it and counter kit works great now.

TRX is going to be designed for 40m band and I used 74HC163 as divider 2. Setup was little bit tricky without manual, after 3rd try I entered good parameters and it shows right frequency. In final we attached GDO and enjoyed how it nice works, hi..

Doug, thanks for great product and a lot of fun !