I suggested to my father that we could contest both together. We could make one team instead be QRV each separetaly. My idea was accepted immediately and we decided for cq ww rtty contest.

Week ago we tested our station and our logbook control skills in rtty cis contest. We had removed our trx because of small local reconstructions and then suddenly did not work our home made optoisolated CI-V interface. There was no reason because we only reconnected all wires, finally additional capacity to RTS/DTR supply on computer side solved this issue !

My father was on Friday official trip and returned home in Saturday morning. Few minutes after everything I set up and made first QSOs. As usually I was S&P and I was “bycicling” band from lower to upper frequency of rtty segment – very rarely otherwise..

We were invited to local ham meet in Zaseka jn79×k by Zdenek OK2VMJ, so shortly after noon we stopped contesting for while and made trip there. It was nice to see many hams from our surrounding, so we sat and chatted for while and then went back home again.

In afternoon we made a lot of QSOs especially to K. Worked even one station from California which was quite surprised to me. Heard KH6, but signal was good hearable but MMTTY had troubles decoded it. I guess, signal was probably distorted by path over north pole??

In the evening we opened bottle of fine wine and enjoyed those DXes. In midnight we made QRT and tired went sleep.

Second day we continued accumulate more QSOs. It was more and more difficult because many QSO were highlighted red which meant we worked such station. In afternoon we repeated next wave of K stations and some carebean. Dad then continued to early morning to last minute almost on 40m with very nice DXes!

We used out Icom 756 Pro2, vertical antenna and small PA. We worked mainly on 20m , then 40m and few contacts on 15m – no propagations.

Finally we successfuly worked these entities, ordered by number of qso:
K, UA, EA, UA9, UR, I, VE, F, SV, UN, OH, CN, CT3, DL, EA8, CT, G, JA, LZ, PY, YV, 9M2, GM, PA, S5, YB, YU, CM, EK, LA, LU, YL, 9A, 9K, 3V8, ER, ES, EU, GI, HC8, HI, HP, HZ, IT9, OZ, SP, SV9, TF, YO, ZS, A7, 5B, E7, EA6, EI, EY, FG, GW, HA, HB0, HC, HS, 7X, J3, J6, 4J, KP4, 4L, OK, ON, OY, P4, 4O, TR, UA2, VU, 4X, Z3, ZC

Writelog statistic showed:

  QSO Pts Zn Dx St
80M 0 0 0 0 0
40M 164 378 15 48 16
20M 304 787 24 60 38
15M 25 75 8 14 0
10M 0 0 0 0 0
Total 493 1240 47 122 54
Score 276520

HF prop info:

  • Solar Flux: 68 | Ap: 4 | Kp 1 (6 nT) at 0000 27 Sep 2008
  • SSN: 0 (09/27/2008)
  • Solar Flux: 67 | Ap: 2 | Kp 1 (5 nT) at 0000 28 Sep 2008
  • SSN: 0 (09/28/2008)
  • Solar Flux: 67 | Ap: 3 | Kp 1 (07 nT) at 2100 28 Sep 2008

Week before I asked Jon YB2ECG if he will participated this contest. He replied, yes, so I was waiting for him all the time. I was checking 14Mhz dxcluster. Unfortunatelly, I did not meet him, altought he was spotted in dxcluster (but not from EU station). Anyway, we worked several other YB stations, which was very nice! Especially we realized it is 11000km far !!

YB3MM replied immediatelly!

TNX for QSOs,
73 de OL2X Zdenek and Tomas