QRA Locator map integrated into Drupal


I have to say that Drupal, which we use for this webpages, is very complex system, more than just simple blog. There is huge list of 3rd party modules. I experienced that one idea can be realized more than one way. There is a lot of space modify existing solutions or help with to authors of 3rd modules with error reports.

In previous spots I used QRA locator also known as Maidenhead to mark visited remote places. As there is possibility insert fragments of PHP code I decided to integrate map based on locators to our Drupal site. Such map is not my original idea, I was inspired by F6FVY.

I use several lines in PHP convert locator to coordinates in decimal degrees format and insert them into google map api module. Shown coordinates udnder map are coordinates of center of locator area plotted in map.

Already updated previous post and locators are clickable there. You can also check some other locators for example:

I see there are possibilities to make it still more perfect and challenge my own poor skill of coding, hi. If you wish, PHP inline code is available upon request, send me email via contact form.