A1 Marconi memorial contest on 2m


First weekend this month I participated first time in this type of contest. As it is only CW and only 2m I was full of expectation. I logged qso into N1MM log. I configured it on friday evening. As N1MM has not native support of cw decode I got idea use also PTC2 multi mode terminal. It works but I was not able setup keying via PTC2 so I had still connect another interface only for CW keying.. I knew that PTC2 is not mainly designed for CW decode, but I felt much better when I miss something and there is place to look, hi.

In the contest I used FT897 50watts and UV200 vertical antenna which is mainly used for FM operations. I worked quite quickly nearest stations, then every qso was more difficult. Conditions went sometimes up and worked really DXes for me..

DL2OM/P 370km
DK6AS 341km
S57O 270km

Overall: 18 QSO, 2630 PTS

Finally, it was intresting experience, but not sort of my tea, especially with such poor hardware and my limited skills. Perhaps next I will join under better conditions..