Control board for QRP TRX


We still discussed about our QRP-TRX and we changed our previous decision and decided to display current frequency with Nixie tubes, it will be more stylish with others tubes in this TRX. Unfortunatelly, kit from N3ZI is not suitable for this purpose and I decided build own controller for meassure frequency with Nixie support and with others features like keyer and clock.

This is first try showing 1.8432MHz from testing crystal oscillator.

  • SAA1064 board is temporaly to show meassured values and will be replace in future with Nixie board also command via I2C bus (2×PCF8574 + 4×74141)
  • uCPU ATMEGA168
  • 8 pin socket is prepared for RTC chip backuped with battery
  • 14 pin socket is probably for 74LS74 prescaler 2 or 4
  • my first bigger experience in WINAVR embeded into AVRSTUDIO
  • for development I use great and simple AVR910 prgrammer with AVRDUDE

This frequency counter has always some issue, which will not be easy determine with my limited tools and no logic analyzer. Anyway it is big challange to me. Keep fingers crossed, hi..