Writelog is ready for CQ WW CW 2008


I AM HAPPY! Many times before for last half year I tried setup my Writelog program for CW operation on my notebook with my RIG either with dad's desktop and his RIG in hamshack. I always failed, radio locked with continous CW or/and PTT. I solved it varius workarounds, as keying from internal memories in TRX if type of contest allowed it (fixed exchange), another logbooks program usually N1MM or MixWin. Those programs worked immediately after first config!

So, today, with dad help, I finally found right software and hardaware setup for WL. In shack is interface based on FTDI USB/Com interface presented in windows on COM5. Data signals are wired: CW → DTR, PTT → RTS. CI-V radio control is connected via another interface on next comport.

Here are screenshots from WL:

CU in contest,
73 Tomas