100 DXCC confirmed via LoTW


Today, after upload forgotten 40 QSOs from CQWW2008 phone logbook, QSO with VP2E let me reach 100 Mixed DXCC entities confirmed via LoTW! All QSOs are accumulated since July 2006, when I issued for OK4BX callsign and then become more active on short waves. After 2 and half year, there is 6.500 QSOs and 1.650 LoTW QSLs in the logbook. I have never focused on chasing DX expeditions for DXCC, anyway nice feeling. 73!


Hi Tomas, Hope 2009 is going

Hi Tomas,

Hope 2009 is going well for you all so far.

Well done on working 100 DXCC in 2 years, good effort!

So far I am up to 148 DXCC since sept 2004 in my log, so you are doing much better than me h.i

Hope to hear you again one day soon.

Best wishes from

Simon 2E0HTS 73

Hello Simon, thanks very much

Hello Simon,

thanks very much for comment. Congrats to Yours 148 CFM DXCC entities! You know, it was nice bonus after years of trying on radio to me and then shout it to the world. As I am looking to table, 100DXCC on CW looks like big challange to me, now..:-)

I hope to hear from You soon again !

VY 73! Tomas