KSTchat or DXcluster everywhere


This year I have got from Vodafone GSM operator as christmas present: “6 months mobile internet for free”. Behind this promotional phrase which we were attacked almost from every medium every day is real mean data trafic 5MB/day or 100MB/month. After exceed these limits(they say FUP) is speed reduced down to 16kB/s.

All this is always suitable for ham support internet applications like ON4KST chat or DX cluster. Both services are available as telnet which is very effective for data transfer. ON4KST chat is used to arrange skeds on bands as 160m, 6m, 4m, 2m and higher. Data from DX cluster could be fine to make some imagine about conditions, DXes, etc..

For this purpose we bought USB modem Vodafone Mobile Connect flash K2540, for very reasonable price. Dimension of this device is similiar to common USB flash disk. Installation was pretty easy. I inserted my spare SIM card into modem and pluged modem to USB and wait for minute. First were found USB CDROM with drivers for windows and then followed instalation of modem drivers and managment software. I only selected local country and then pressed button “connect”..

Small and simple, I like this solution very much. See you on KSTchat or DXC when I will support my friends, on summit, of course..