Just Another CW Keyer


It started few months ago. I got idea I could build stand-alone CW keyer and get some more skill. Of course, I think we have still some old keyers, but they are too large and uncomfotable. There are also keyers in several TRXes at home, but it is ideal only for on air operations..

I was surfing internet and found keyer based on concept Nanobug keyer, DK5JG and modified by Jindrich OK4RM called Tinybug TB-9. It is simple, small and can work on battery for long time.

There is used ATTiny12 uCPU which is obstlete now. I tried contact OK4RM, but no response. So I started on my own. I found ATtiny12 is still available in some shops in SMD version. Unfortunatelly, I had designed simple PCB instead using universal PCB and DIP components. It took me one evening, then my colleague could made for me PCB. I need still build adapter between my programmer and keyer to flash firmware into uCPU. It was done durring one afternoon..

This keyer can run many months from battery, cause uCPU fall into sleep mode when is not used and eat several uAmps, in operational mode is consumption only several mAmps. There are NOT another components, like buzzer to decrease battery life. It is expected monitor output singal through TRX or buzzer which is supply from another source.

Dad in late night homebrewed small board with 2 buttons and NE555 like buzzer. Keyer works great! And now there are many possibilities for use. I am sure they will be refered later here.

Time to do some training. Hope to hear you on CW!