Vertical antenna on 14MHz and one day on portable


Dad and me discussed several times about using our 1M mast segments as vertical antenna. After reading blog of Leo JJ8KGZ and his experiments with similiar antenna(s). I reopened this topic again and finaly dad and me went out to near peak try to build 1/4 wave vertical from our mast on 20M.

Dad loaded his 70MHz antenna. This weekend was 2nd subregional VHF/UHF contest, I took also ioIO antenna (144/430MHz) with tripod too. Weather was fine, it was sunny and little bit windy.

I quickly errected 5M high mast on champagne bottle as insulator. Then we meassured 11 radials and I soldered them to prepared base plate. After adding extra capacitance we finished with SWR 1:1.0 14.0–14.35MHz, nice! Worked several stations across Europe and Middle East. Heard Japan and US east coast too.

On 1400z started 2nd subregional contest. Unfortunatelly ioIO antenna was partly unassembled, so I forgot reflector of 2M part in garage. This caused little higher SWR on 2M and I used 5W only, it was fun to see reactions of big guns to my weak signal :-) I heard DL and YU7! Overall approx 30 QSO on 2m/70cm into OK, OM, OE with this lousy antenna in low height with low power.

Finally, we had a lot of fun and success in antenna construction and enjoyed this ham radio event outside home. Today we are already planning to try 5/8 wave vertical on 20M..