70Mhz beacon list formatted to SMS


I talked with my dad on the phone, he is on the hill and he also said to: “Send me list of 4m beacon frequencies by sms, I forgot paper version at home.” So, I found data on internet and edited it. Total 429 characters, it will be split into 3 and more parts, depend what service you will use..

70.000 GB3BUX–70.007 GB3WSX–70.010 J5FOUR/B–70.012 OX4MB–70.014 S55ZRS–70.016 GB3BAA–70.020 GB3ANG–70.021 OZ7IGY–70.023 PI7EPO–70.025 GB3MCB–70.025 ZS6WAB–70.027 GB3CFG–70.029 S55ZMB–70.031 G4JNT/P–70.035 OY6BEC–70.040 SV1FOUR–70.041–042 Estonia–70.045 OE5QL–70.0708 GW3MHW–70.088 I0JX/B–70.1135 5B4CY–70.130 EI4RF–70.151 LX0FOUR–70.162 CQ3FOUR–70.163 CS3BFM–70.166 CS5BFM–70.165 CU8B–70.350FM EI???–70.4375FM MB7FM–75.300 ZD8DUB

source 70mhz.org