Trip to Friedrichshafen, Hamradio 2009


Father and I, were playing with idea visit FH since middle of 2008. I had not been there and my father visited Hamradio once in 1991, it was in the city in alte messe. Two months before event we decided go to FH.

I was trying to get some information about camp, but all information I got were absolutelly different and we told each other – we will see in FH after we arrive. It was such long jurney outside OK, which we took on our own, I think first time.

Started on Thursday morning via local roads to Plzen. Most funny was drove through trafic diversion via narrow wood roads, especially when 2 trucks were front of us and nexts in opposite direction.

It went pretty slowly and we reached highway near Plzen on 1PM. We passed Munchen smoothly in Thursday afternoon and finally reached Friedrichshafen after 10 hours. Found and entered camp quite easily, we could not missed it. All fine places were occupied or empty were held by friends for friends. So we found free area in most far corner of the camp. Built tent on road metal was quite uncommon. Finally, I realized, it was best spot for tent – absolute plain field and I did not “float” inside tent when I slept, hi.

Later arrived Mark ON4WW with Bert ON4DMD and hams from OE9.

Everything was well organized, so next morning we were taken from camp to main gate by bus for free. Sometimes, we stand while in queue, no problem.

First impression after enter to exhibition: it is so big. It was in A1 (large) and B1, B2 and B3 (smaller) halls. We greet our ambasadors in CRC stand.

Then we spent several hours by walking inside halls. A lot of stuff, in my humble opinion, most of them for non reasonable prices.

I picked up my new begali paddle by I2RTF. Unfortunatelly , even I ordered it by email long time ago, it did not go so smoothly as I expected, finally I got one.

It was pleasure and intresting experience meet old and new friends by walking through halls or in the camp.

I also stiched my card on the QSL wall.. How many QSL cards could be there? ~900?

On Saturday noon we left this biggest ham event in Europe and drove to OK. Now only on highways, so after 8 1/2 hours driving and overall 1400km we were back home again.


Just read your rally report

Just read your rally report and glad you enjoyed the rally. I too went to the rally i travelled from england also by car. I agree with you the prices of second hand equipment were too much.

I loved seeing the photographs that you posted on the net

73 good dx de Gino G4NNZ

Gino, thanks for comment. I

Gino, thanks for comment. I am glad you enjoy report from our trip to FH. Hope to hear from you again! 73!

Hi Tomas Excellent pictures,

Hi Tomas

Excellent pictures, it looked like you all had a fantastic event! Very big radio rally indeed, makes the rally I visit seem very small ;-)

Shame about the expensive prices eh!

I loved the Tent arrangement, must have been a bit tricky putting the pegs in hi hi

Keep up the excellent site. all the best to you All!

73 Simon - 2E0HTS

Hello Simon, thanks for

Hello Simon,

thanks for comment! It was great experience, I am glad we went there. Area of this event is really outstanding and biggest czech event in Holice is really small in compare with FH.

It was challenge fix tent with our plastic pegs on such terrain, finally it did not fall. We also helped with stuff around..

Thanks for motivation too. I hope I will be able call you on 40M or 20M when I will be on holiday.

73 Tomas