VHF Field day 2009


We were invited by friends join them this VHF field day. Invitation was accepted. We had some duty in Saturday morning yet, so started packing little bit later than usually. I took 9 el yagi 144MHz, no doubt. Zdenek packed his 70MHz stuff. Still discussed if take HF antenna or not, finally added 1/4w vertical (20–15–10M). Car was full, time to go..

Quick move to contest QTH, launch and then very warm welcome from our friends Lada OK2DGB and Jara OK2BXW. We installed 2M and 4M antennas. Weather radar showed near storm and it came quite soon, started with strong wind and light rain for while. In the contest on 2M a lot of strong signals from local stations, it was difficult make longer QSO. Father announced Sporadic E QSO to EA on 70MHz, he made 2 QSO. After several tries I completed EA1FDI on 2M from IN52 – highlight of the weekend. I was searching for another stations via ES but heard noone else. Later, seeing map and other's logs is clear this QSO was made via edge of ES spot and I believe most EA stations preferred G/EI direction instead beam west..

On Sunday morning we got next short shower and rest of day was sunshine. I still added my first SM on 2M and it was final, no more joy in overcrowded 2M band with kW signals.. I round number of QSO to 100 and switched TRX off . Finally, no QSO on HF. Interesting is compare field day results of 2008 and 2009.

2008 127 26699 71 27 9 6 5 4 2 0 1 1 1 0
2009 100 22965 53 21 7 4 4 4 0 1 1 4 0 1

..and here are nontraditional little edited photos of participants :-)

It was pleasure weekend and I am looking forward for next year again.