Holice 2009


We (father OK2BX and I) visited this year hamradio meeting Holice again. Long time was not clear which day we go there. Finally situation permited and we went on Friday. We woke up in early morning. It is not so far, but there is only low level class roads and riding them take some time. Weather forecast for weekend was pretty bad. On Friday afternoon they predicted quick fall of temperature and storms with hailstones.

6am time to go to Holice – 6:06 AM Aug 21st from web

Many roads were under construction, so we finally rode almost rallye course. It took us 3 hours.

Just arrived. Waiting by entrance. – 9:13 AM Aug 21st from txt

Good weather. Less people then ever before, I could went through without poking anyone. Seems crisis hit even here. We quickly explored what were available on flea market and met some friends.

Finished 1st around flea market. Picked up qsl cards and bought set of ham wall maps at CRC booth. – 10:48 AM Aug 21st from txt

Then I found my father by OK1NAW spot. He cared all his goods, while Jaromir was buying.

did small refreshment – 11:09 AM Aug 21st from mobile web

After we ate some lunch, went around flea market again.

There was not only flea market. We visited small exhibition of old russian clocks and other russian electronics, old transceivers and special ham radio station OK5H just inside hall. I also met Mr. Begali, I2RTF and said hello to him and handshake in OK.

Nearly in the end I could not resist and ..

I bought int. callbook 1980 signed by n7brv. What a piece of history. – 1:47 PM Aug 21st from txt

Weather changed little bit, but radar's picture on mobile phone showed rain far over DL yet. Anyway, it was good time took all these new gained stuff and return home.

Fine event, fine wx. Nw going home agn, 150km ahead. – 2:59 PM Aug 21st from txt