CQ WW RTTY 2009 with detailed NA statistic


On weekend 26–28th september 2009 I participated again in hamradio CQWW RTTY contest. As usually my setup was Icom756pro2 with max output power 100w, sometime much less depends on band and situation. Antenna multiband vertical after repair. It got new trap and much better adjustment than before. On the desktop computer Writelog with MMTTY plugin and connected TRX via CIV.

It was big expectation what stations is possible work with 100w. After I logged first and then second JA, I understood that power is not marginal on my side.. So, during day I harvested 40/20/15m and later afternoon 20M. I jumped from band to band more often than in previous contests, usually after first/second band crossing. As I was unassisted, I used bandmap for visualization of worked stations which made whole S&P operation more smooth.

On 15M I heard a lot of DX. Unfortunatelly, with current setup it was not easy call them. I.e. VU2NKS did not hear my long calling(I wanted India a lot – succed later on 40M) and CR3L did not respond my calling for long time. But it was pleasure add to log such entities like 9M2, HS, A6, A7, 4K, UN, PY, LU, CX, K or VQ9. In my opinion, simple beam antenna like moxon would improve performance on 15M and surely give chances for more QSOs..

On 20M was highlight of the contest contact with DP1POL – Antarcita, it was pretty easy, I could not believe. And many qso to USA and Canada. I was even able work stations from west coast like CA, AZ, OR and WA. Signals from there were fine copied and most of them without flutter effect. Many times I ask myself what antenna and power they use, that I can work them quite easily despite most signals were only close upper noise floor..

Wkd US stated on 20MWkd US stated on 20M

I had luck and I could made 4 QSOs on 10M – A7, CT3, HZ and OK. It was only quick moment and then signals dissappeared..

I enjoyed this contest very much. I worked all QSOs in S&P. It was real joy, because there were a lot of stations and finally I logged 444 QSOs in 16 hours by radio.

HF prop info:

  • Solar Flux: 72 | Ap: 2 | Kp 0 (3 nT) at 0000 26 Sep 2009
  • SSN: 14 (09/26/2009)
  • Solar Flux: 72 | Ap: 2 | Kp 2 (16 nT) at 0000 27 Sep 2009
  • SSN: 11 (09/27/2009)
  • Solar Flux: 72 | Ap: 9 | Kp 0 (04 nT) at 2100 27 Sep 2009

..and it was not end yet. The idea about ask all american and canadian stations about their used equipments was always on my mind. I started write letter where I explained my station, my feelings in contest and then placed my questions. Another task was collect email address where to send my letter. Qrz.com and Hamcall.net were my friends, google.com usually did not give relevant results on entered US vanity calls. I opened new spreadheet, imported contest log and inserted collected emails. And, I had sent it to all addresses, I was thinking long time about it and finaly I found enough courage to do it. First responses came back after few mintes rest in next 3 days..

Once again, thanks very much for all feedbacks and privillege use your information in this blogspot. This experience extended this contest to next dimension to me. Very informative to me and surelly better than collect QSL cards :-)

My brief conslusion:

  • asking about RX antenna on 20m was stupid from me :-) RX antenna is used usually on 160/80/40M. I know it now.
  • MMTTY was used 99% of stations that responsed. Makoto Mori JE3HHT developed outstanding software and we should be happy he released it as freeware !!
  • I made several stations who mentioned they were in RUN only for short while – so longer and detailed search has sense, when condx are positive.
  • Power is not everything, good antenna high above ground is key to success
  • Traps do not like too much power :-)

Table with all stations I worked in CQWW RTTY 09. My setup 100w and multiband vertical at 15m above ground level.

Call St Name ANT@AGL PWR RTTY Demod. link
Zone 3          
W8AEF AZ Paul 4el Mono@22m 1000 MMTTY
KJ6RA CA Richard      
WB6JJJ CA Bill Force-12 model C-19@21m 800 MMTTY
WK6I CA Jeff 5el@40M + 2×C3@21m 1300 2×MMTTY Norm / Multipath
K7ZS OR Kevin      
KR7X OR Henry 6el OWA@30m + 2×Yagi ? MMTTY WWW
N7BV WA Chuck 3el SteppIR@15m Alpha 78 MMTTY
N7UA WA Robert Stacked yagi beams 1500 ?
W7NNN WA Eric double extended zepp@21->11m 500 MMTTY
Zone 4          
VE6AO AB Club Bencher Skyhawks@30,20, 10m PA? ? www
VE6WQ AB Joel 4×5el@60m + 3×5el@55m 1000 MMTTY www
VE6YR AB Robert Force 12 C-36 XR@23m 400 MMTTY + Rttyrite + MixWin
AB0LR CO Frankie      
N0NI IA Toni 4el stack 100 MMTTY pics
N0XR IA Dean      
N2BJ IL Barry TH11DX@30m 1000 ?
K9SG IN Gary 4el Steppir@25m + Force 12 C3S@18m 1500 MMTTY
W9IU IN Don      
AK0A KS William Log Periodic@20m 100 MMTTY
KN5O LA Ted HyGain 205CA@30m 500 MMTTY pic
VE4EAR MB Ed Optibeam OB11–5@17m 400 PTC-II Usb
K8MM MI Ian      
K0AD MN Alan      
K0HB MN Hans 4el Yagi@20m 50 MMTTY
K0IR MN Ralph      
K0PC MN Patrick      
K0PK MN Paul      
N0AT MN Ronald      
NE0U MN Stephen      
AB0RX MO George      
N4OGW MS Tor 4el mono@31,15m 750 MMTTY
W0TUP ND Nels Hygain TH3MK4@11m 100 MMTTY www
WA5ZUP NM John 4el Steppir@17m 1500 MMTTY + IC7700 demod
N8BJQ OH Steve 4 el mono@24m Dishtronix MMTTY
NX5O OK Craig      
VE3AP ON Claudio      
VE3DZ ON Yuri      
VE3EJ ON John 2×5el Yagi@ 33,17m + 5el Yagi@50m 800 MMTTY
VE3JM ON Vlad 4el tribander@15m 100 MMTTY
VE3KF ON Alex A4S@55m building 600 MMTTY
AB4GG TN Kenny TH-11dx@22m + Mosley Classic 33@12m 100 3×MMTTY var. profiles
N4ZZ TN Don      
NQ4U TN Jimmy Moesley MP-33@38m PA MMTTY www
W4GKM TN Nicholas      
W4LWW TN Bruce      
NS9I WI Dwight      
Zone 5          
N6AR FL Carl      
NJ2F FL Jeff Mosley Classic 33@15m 600 MMTTY
W4ZE FL Ted Force 12 C31XR@15m 750 MMTTY
K1TTT MA David      
K5ZD MA Randy Hygain 205-CA@32,16m 1300 ?
N1SV MA Les Force12 C-19XR@24m 1500 ?
W1BYH MA Norman      
W1NR MA Mmichael      
W1UE MA Dennis      
N1WR MD Wayne Triband Yagi@30m 700 MMTTY www
W3LL MD Bud SteppIR MonstIR@30m 100 MMTTY
KA1C ME Stephen      
K4FX NC Bill      
NC4CS NC Club 5el beam 600 ?
W4UEF NC Rick Horizontal delta loop 192m@21m->1.5m 50 MMTTY
VO1TTY NF Frank Force 12 C3SS@17m 100 MMTTY www
K1FWE NH John      
WA1Z NH Bob Homebrew 2-element Yagi@17m 100 MMTTY + K3 Demod
N2ED NJ Ed Force 12 C31XR@25m 1000 MMTTY
NO2T NJ Gerald      
W2YC NJ David Steppir MonstrIR@21m Acom 2000a MMTTY
K2NV NY Tony Hygain TH7DX@20m 1000 PK232MBX
KA2D NY Tom Force 12 XR-5@22m 500 MMTTY
W2FU NY Jeff      
WA2ETU NY Carl Mosley PRO-96@19m 1200 DXP38 + MMTTY
AA3B PA Bud 3×KT36XA@29,20,10m C.X9@24m + C.A4@21m 2×PA MMTTY
K3MD PA John 4el Quad@16m 1000 WL RTTY pic
K3WW PA Chas 3×SkyHawk tribander@30,20,10m 900 MMTTY www
NE3H PA Joe Force 12 XR5@31m 1300 MMTTY
W3FV PA Barry 4el Hygain 204BA 2×PA MMTTY
W4AA PA Arthur      
VA2UP QC Fabi MX-20 mono@20m 100 ? www
VA2WDQ QC Victor      
VE2SB QC Daniel      
AF4OX SC Robert      
K4FJ VA Steve Yagi 1500 MMTTY
K4GMH VA Mike 4el SteppIR@40m + HyGain TH6DXX@12m 2×GS35B ?
KA4RRU VA Mike      
N2QT VA Mark KT34A@18m 3el Steppir@15m 90 MMTTY
N3UA VA Sejo Spiderbeam@10m 500 MMTTY
NR4M VA Steve      
WD4DDU VA Adam      
W1ZK VT Ralph Force 12 Dxer@20m 400 MMTTY
K9OM WI Dick Hy-Gain TH3-Mk3@15m 500 MMTTY

List of some antenna with link that I checked upon rensponded emails:
- Bencher Skyhawk yagi
- Cushcraft A4S
- Cushcraft X9
- Force 12 C19XR
- Force 12 C3S
- Force 12 C3SS
- Force 12 C31XR
- Force 12 Dxer
- Force 12 XR5
- Hygain 204BA
- Hygain 205CA
- Hygain TH3MK4
- Hygain TH7DX
- Hygain TH11DX
- KLM KT-34A
- M2 KT36XA
- Mosley Classic 33
- Mosley PRO-96
- Optibeam OB11–5
- SteppIR product overview