I ocasionally experienced that direct keying from writelog over FTDI USB interface has “hiccup”. In this case I must interupt transmitting and send macro again. I ordered Winkeyer2 kit serial version from Steve K1EL.

After few months and another more experience of hiccup synthoms in last CQWW became time complete the kit and change way of keying. My father offer me some nice spare case. I read manual, especially about Winkeyer firmware and I found out, that Winkeyer is not only RS232 to CW converter !

Some of features:

  • RS232 to CW converter with 128chars. buffer
  • Standalone morse keyer
  • 6 memory slots, total 232 chars with macro commands
  • Beacon mode, QRS, HSCW, 2 analog inputs for telemetry
  • and more

It was big surprise and very pleased with those features and decided adapt them to my construction.

So, I started assemble kit itself, printed notes and big schematic.

I was confused why is in kit 6 same resitors, when in schematic are more various values. Then I read text instructions and components fit with text, so it was clear schematic is out of date. Soldered all components in while. Did not work for first time. So, as it was mentioned in instructions, I connected speed pot and winkeyer revive!

In my instructions is speaker connect direct to CPU pin. I rather used extra transistor and choose some speaker which fit to my case and make side tone loud enough.

In case is enough space to put 5 memory buttons. Steve use in his designs 4 buttons and 5 and 6th slots trigger over extra combination with command button and paddles.

Final view inside.

..and here is, my new morse keyer!

Thanks to Steve K1EL for great product and quick mailing in his difficult time and to my father OK2BX for his support during building.