Old times, hamradio and me


Unfortunatelly, I had not luck meet my grandfather Bohuslav OK2BX personally. He passed away too early. He was quite known person in begin of hamradio in Czechoslovakia, I think. These days still happen to me that older hams remember to my grandfather, when I tell my name.

Fortunetelly, we have saved couple of photos of my grandfather, I like photo of him with his station. Seems like, he has contact with someone. Photo is signed and dated 1938.

You can clearly see several QSL cards on right side of station, others are recognized from another similiar photo, callsigns J2KG, W6JMR, VK5JS, ZE1JI and ZL4FV.

I tried google all of them some years ago and I did not get any relevant results. After long time I tried it again yesterday and found..

..awesome photo of J2KG, dated in time when probably had QSO with my grandfather.

..even op W6JMR on group photo (24) from MARC annual picnic 1934, McNears Beach, San Rafael, California.

..on ebay scanned pictures of QSL cards of VK5JS and ZE1JI.

Thanks everyone for sharing those old photos. It is extra moment see them after many years !


Great to read about your

Great to read about your Grandfather very nice pictures. It is nice to know that He was one of the Veteran Hams, you must be very proud to be a descendant.

73 good luck with this blog for 2010, keep up the hard work.

Yes, you are right Simon, I

Yes, you are right Simon, I am proud wearing "BX". It is virtual link to the past, it is link to my grandfather and father too. Btw, I bought grandfather QSL card he sent to W6 in 1949 on ebay, I hope it will arrive very soon..

Thanks for visiting our site and leaving comments, then this work on blog and whole site has sense. It is better look now, than in first moment, when it was only one welcome article :) Anyway, there is a lot things to improve yet. I hope to hear you the band again my friend.. 73!