Meeting with Leo JJ8KGZ


On Sunday 21th March 2010, me and my father OK2BX met Leo JJ8KGZ in Brno. Leo visited Czech republic shortly in companion with Mr. Okita and he found time in tight itinerary between bussiness duties for meeting with us.

I read Leo's blog(s) for quite long time. I am very inspired with his enthusiasm to CW and his effort promote morse code and hamradio. Leo gave to me Mizuho P-7DX the QRP TRX which I like very much and we gave him back couple souvenirs made in Czechoslovakia like M160B with some accessories and finally our favourite “Tube” from Carlsbad, Czech republic.

It was pleasure to us met You so close our home and made quick tour throught sights in our hometown. Thank You for visit and presents and You are always welcome here! Many DX and 73 de Tomas and Zdenek


Ahoj Tomas, How are you and

Ahoj Tomas,

How are you and your father?
It was a great pleasure to meet you in Brno!
Thank you for your visiting me at the hotel and taking us to the good hill top. Brno is a beautiful city!

I'll never forget the taste of the beer we drank at the restaurant with you and the night view at the city center you guided us.

Let's keep in touch!

73 de JJ8KGZ

Ahoj Leo, we are fine.

Ahoj Leo,

we are fine. Weather is going better everyday. I hope we will be able go out soon to some hill around and do portable operation again. I am very glad that our event happened as we planned and You had good time in Czech republic.

I am staying tuned !

73 de Tomas