Matt M0LYI in Třebíč


First Sunday in May heard my father OK2BX on OK0BZR repeater pretty new user. It was Matt OK/M0LYI.

He was heard very strong on the repeater's input, there was no doubt he is somewhere around Třebíč. Father let me know about Matt and I joined father in the shack and we listen while he was talking to friend in UK over repeaters linked via echolink. In the final I gave him call and we talked while Matt drove back to the hotel. What a luck, his hotel is only few minutes from our QTH, so we arranged meeting during week.

We met all together in the hotel restaurant and talked until we were last there – time ran so fast that evening. Father and me offered to Matt small trip around Highland. We visited Marek OK2DL and he showed to us his big dish which he is using for EME on 23/13cm. Next stop was on Karasín where is located OK0BHJ repeater and we climbed up to lookout tower where is great vista all around. That day we met a lot of firefighters along our route. OK2VAT informed us via OK0BHJ, that they are pumping water on distance 63km and trying beat world record. Nearby Karasin are placed two geocaches and we decided show to Matt geocaching in the real. Matt with GPS in the hand found them pretty quick. Later we moved Zdar nad Sázavou, where we visited pilgrim church of St. Jan Nepomucký – UNESCO World Heritage site. Last stop on this trip by Mira OK2MKN and his son Mira OK2MKJ. Mira was so kind and showed to us OK0BZR's facility and then we all chatted together in the pub for while..

As Matt stay here for 3 weeks my father got idea let to Matt participate in Czech VHF contest which came on Sunday. Forecast on Sunday was the worst, only 9°C overcast, rain and windy. Unfortunately, weather forecast came true, but bad weather did not stop us. During unpacking I found out we missed any tools at home. So we used alternative items to assemble antenna and mast, such “MacGyver style” :) It was fun watch Matt using his “special” call OK/M0LYI in the local contest. For most contesters it was big puzzle decode Matt's callsign. OK8 callsign would be probably more easy for local stations on 2M.

In the afternoon, Matt took us to nearby airbase where where he stayed for 3 week and showed to us his job there. It was great chance and experience to see RAF aircrafts so close, without any fence and with such nice guide :) Otherwise, we would hear and see them over our heads and from big distance only. Wind became more strong on this bare hill, however we enjoyed this day!

Matt, we thank you very much for great moments and your company, it was fun for us!
Good luck, good DX and we hope to see you again !