DX Cluster on VFD display


I had long time on my mind idea show DX spots from DX Cluster on separate display, rather than common VGA display. Some time ago I luckily got used 2×20 characters VF display which everyone knows, in example, from shops when we pay by cash register.

At first, I played with software LCD smartie, which is available for windows and linux. I could control display itself, but one possible way how show data outside computer(from internet) is RSS feed. Unfortunately, I did not find any dxc source in RSS feed in very brief format.

So, I was thinking what platform use to code interface from telnet DX data to VFD. Between Delphi and ActivePerl, I choose second one. For basic operation is script very simple. Display is connected to our echolink computer. Father and I love to see current DXes on it from every corner in hamshack and have idea about actual CONDX.

Perl source code: vfd.pl

Hamshack of my friend Elmar PD3EM. You can see DX Cluster VFD on right side.