Rewrite paper log to ADIF with google spreadsheet


There are situations, when I rather use pencil and paper log, rather than computer. Computer needs energy, display can be hardly seen on direct Sun, it is heavy and you need log only few contacts. Paper is much flexible, but what then?

I use DX Lab – DXkeeper as main logbook. Unfortunately, insert the QSOs offline is very slowly and uncomfortable. So, here is sample of handwritten log from 2m Easter contest. Total 38 QSO.

From left UTC, Callsign, Sent RST + NR, Received RST + NR + Locator, Frequency – 3 last digits

I composed simple google spreadsheet for offline inserting QSOs. Typing is quick, supports clipboard. There is sheet with ADIF formatted data, so you can import it to your popular logbook. Another sheet is with data for online mapping tools.

This spreadsheet is designed for V/U/SHF contests as we know here in Czech republic, maybe 6M contests.. I prefer one date, band and mode for all contacts. Anyway, after some editing you can use it as you wish.

Open google spreadsheet here

Once you open it, you can copy it to your library – File / Make a copy

How use it:

  1. on Setup sheet define contest variables
  2. type all qso on Log sheet
  3. delete unused lines in Adif sheet then Download it as text
  4. Rename file to .adi
  5. Mapit sheet is optional

Feedbacks are welcome :)