QRP VHF Contest 2011


never before I participated in such type of contest with QRP power. As I am getting older, I changed my opinion and bought Yaesu FT-817, true QRP rig. So, I joined contest and I am surprised, in positive way.

It started during week, when I monitored weather forecast. It did not look good all days overcast with showers and occasion storms. Also on Saturday it looks anyhow, rains over France and Germany which came quickly to us. In the morning fog and quite warm. When I arrived to the spot, fog became thicker. Contest already in progress.

I started build antenna. It was quite challenge, do it solo. I had 5m mast and our good 9 elements yagi by ECO. Succeed despite of drizzle. When finished, fog disappeared and I made first QSO on my new rig with Drahoš OM3CQF. Finally, I worked stations from 9A, S5, OE, HA, OM, OK – some of them participated in Alpe Adria contest. Anyway, it was very nice absent of kW stations on the band and it was joy use only 5W power! I heard several Italian and German stations too, but it was already too much for my setup and QTH with nearby higher hilltops.

Weather still played with me little bit. During contest became sunny and hot, on the horizon I saw dark clouds all the time. When I finished, suddenly came big dark cloud with 2 minutes intensive shower, followed with wind and sky overcast, anyway I could everything pack back and leave back home.

I used paperlog on my knees. Rewrote it quickly to electronic from via google spreadsheet, it is easier, when I remember these QSOs yet..