How import old SFI, A, K data into DXKeeper logbook


These days are condx much better than in time when we count row of spotless days. In ADIF, file used for hamradio logbook, is also possibility store SFI, A, K data. I use DXKeeper logbook from DXLabsuite and it can handle these data as well.

I thought it could be nice have these data for every contact in my logbook for future logbook browsing and analyzing. Dxkeeper also supports scripting. Now only find old data and convert it to DXK script.

It took me while, but finally google helped me. I found them on NOAA website. Downloaded and processed into DXK scripts with simple php code.

Download scripts from here: (1997–2015)

I split data by year. Import each year will take at least 20 minutes. It depends on number of logged contacts that year and power of your computer. Please, backup your logbook before you start these scripts..

And here is result:


Thomas, Thanks for updating


Thanks for updating the coverage to include 2014 and 2015. Have a blessed New Year!

73 & GB

Great - that is a nice

Great - that is a nice additional tool for dxkeeper.
I love DxLabSuite ..

Greetings Peter DF1LX

Thanks Tomáš, I just

Thanks Tomáš,

I just remembered your site and ran the script for 2012!

73, Mike - AA1AR