How my grandfather lost hamradio licence before WWII


Few days ago my father OK2BX visited his sister and browsed her family albums for old photos and documents related to their father, my grandfather. He came back home and brought some photos and documents. Really cool staff there, but touched me this one.

The letter is dated 27th September 1938, issued by Posts and telegraphs directorate in Brno. There is written that my grandfather’s amateur radio license is immediately revoked. He must return it to the courier. In the final is strict warning, that unauthorized operating and holding radio station is criminal act. Signed in name of president.

I know what happened that time. I learnt just about it in school. However, when I read this document for first time, my blood almost stopped in my veins. This, helped me more realized, that we have very good conditions for our hobby today and I am thankful for it!