Universal Avr ISP programming board


I use for programming AVR chips programmer with 10 pins connector (PFL10). I solder in my application board header and I am done. But what to do, when I need program single chip? Long time ago I prepared board with voltage regulator, ISP connector and 4 sockets, finally wired one for TINY2313. It laid long time here unfinished.

Few weeks ago, I was asked program TINY26. Unfortunately, it has not compatible pin layout like TINY2313, other sockets were different size. So, I decided change concept of this board and make it flexible. Browsed ebay for 40 pins wide ZIF socket and wires with TPK headers.

Changed previous sockets for one ZIF and put 2×20 headers a side to configure any combination, what I will need. I drawn template in Inkscape. Connect TINY26 took me only few moments. TINY26 is programmed and I am ready for any chip, up to DIP40 size with ISP capability. On the boards is still free room to place 5V crystal oscillator, if there will be need, in the future.