CQ WW CW 2012 - OK4BX


CQ WW CW contest is one of my most favourite contests in year. I participate every year if it is possible. There is no change on our station, so I decided try newly assisted category with data from public reverse beacon network. Made pre-contest tests and it looked promising.

I found dx cluster telnet.reversebeacon.net:7000, where are aggregated data from all skimmers around world. At first I setup filter to put away data from skimmers outside EU to make spots relevant and reduce incoming traffic. Even so, trafic was really huge and Writelog logger occupied approximately 50% cpu load to keep band map up to date.

Well, I started on Saturday morning, band map was filled immediately, so many DXes there. I did not know where to tune first. So, I was jumping upper bands from frequency to frequency and tried to learn some systematic style how operated in assisted category.

I must say that RBN spots were pretty accurate and it was extremely comfortable to see who is on the frequency. Thanks to RBN, I made many DX which I would never recognize while normal non-assisted band scan. DXes simple shine on bandmap as multiplier. It is completely different situation to know if there is DX station or not. I simply tuned there and slightly checked frequency ± for longer time and usually succeed even signals were pretty week.

Many signals during weekend were affected with auroral flutters. That was nut for me to copy them, but always advantage cause skimmers couldn’t decode them and kept DX without huge pile ups.. Thanks to this situation I had opportunity manage qso with KH6LC which made my day!

  QSO Zn Dx
160M 0 0 0
80M 0 0 0
40M 196 22 68
20M 207 24 63
15M 232 26 67
10M 165 23 57
Total 800 95 255
Score 593600

Later, after contest I was thinking about hamradio contests and about assisted category. In my humble opinion, contesting in assisted category lose sense for me. It is something like run orienteering with GPS navigation and it is more about skill how control navigation, than run itself. I just like random contacts. I decided send my log as CHECKLOG.

During weekend I was in touch with my friend Stefano IZ3NVR. He was QRP assisted, so we kept motivated and chatted meanwhile contesting :) Very informative for me too. Great contest with many DX!

Click to see in google mapsClick to see in google maps


Checklog is the fairest

Checklog is the fairest category :) congratulations!

Thanks! BTW, nicely told :)

Thanks! BTW, nicely told :)

Very nice touch with the

Very nice touch with the Google Map showing your contacts! Is that populated by grid square? Anyhow, great read and nice job in the contest! Just missing one station I can think of. :0) 73 from Alaska!

Phil, geo data came from

Phil, geo data came from hamqth.com (free). Petr have addresses converted to coordinates (there is google service which do that). I wrote simple script for interact hamqth.com and create KML file for my needs. I found some other programs which do same. People which are not in database are located upon cty.dat file. I really love to see contest on map, in USA you can see antennas by many stations on max zoom :)

Ahoj Tomas, great score. A

Ahoj Tomas, great score. A pity you did not send it in in the assisted cat.
I may agree with you as far as your idea of assisted. Indeed you still need skills and you will always compete with others trying to improve those above cited skills.

Its just a different mean of contesting (and that's why the two different categories should remain).

Really enjoyed the contest and will think about entering Ass or Unass next time.

Stefano, there is too many

Stefano, there is too many variables even you are in same category and in same country :) Btw, I am curious if I will be able defeat this result in unassisted category in 2013.. All this thinking recalled me story, which I heard several times; how was contesting my grandfather on VHF. That time they had not VFO, just only one XTAL in transmitter and after each CQ they scanned whole band. Some of them used two receivers for faster scan - one ear one rx. I ask myself, what would say my grandfather to DX clusters, SDR, skimmers, remote stations etc.. ;) Unfortunately, I can't ask him.