RAEM contest OK1RIG 2012


On Sunday, hour before local noon dad informed me, that RAEM contest is underway. Hmm, I took it as invitation to sit by radio and make some radio contacts in last 2 hours of contest.

Not many time rest, so I choose Russian TR4W logging program. Configuration went pretty smoothly, once again clarified what is exchange code – serial number and coordinates in grades and German styled N/S W/E indication. Finally loved such long exchange, especially with speed 25WPM and above it was real challenge for me! Not like in CQWW where is CQ zone automatically filled from cty.dat.

Stayed on 20m for all time, there was most activity. Worked total over 60Q. I felt nostalgic, when I sat there and used callsign of our family radio club OK1RIG and recalled photo, where my grandfather Bohuslav OK2BX met Krenkel RAEM personally in Moscow. It was for me dignified tribute to both of them!

RAEM and OK2BX in middleRAEM and OK2BX in middle

Large map