Hamqth.com web layout tweak


HamQTH.com is great and free alternative to qrz.com thanks all effort of Petr ok2cqr. Unfortunately, I have personal trouble with web layout, especially with search box at top right corner.

Search box has not focus after page load, so if you want look for any callsign, you must click to search box first and then you can type on keyboard. After couple searches it is exhausting on full hd wide screen monitor move mouse arrow there ;-)

I asked Peter for some possible change, without success. After some more tries of using original design, I decided to make modification on my own, on browser level. I knew, that is possible override CSS styles in Mozilla Firefox and it was just occasion to learn how do it.

Once I was looking to hamqth's html source I modified some more things to reduce mouse clicking and make look little bit simpler yet. Here you can see different.

CSS with simple “install” instructions: