VHF Field day 2013


Also this year father and I participated in VHF Field day with Vlada OK2DGB. Vlada operated on 23cm as usually and we was giving points on 2m band. Meanwhile, I participated in two Czech activity contests (CW/SSB) on 80m too. All the effort were made with our new club callsign OK1RIG.

This time we took only 2 antennas, W3DZZ for HF and 10 elements 2m yagi, together with ancient rig FT767GX. Weather was beautiful and we enjoyed our stay there.

PICT9336 PICT9338 PICT9345

Several days ago arrived new toy from China – RTL dongle. I had not any intention what to do with, just could not resist and try. It is not high-end device, but great toy for little money. Installation went smooth and I was looking forward to see first minutes of contest on whole spectrum portion. Made also recording downloadable from dropbox. Please, expect 600Mb wav file which is “playable” in HDSDR only!

HDSDR + RTL-dongle

Our output power was pretty funny and despite of some tries we made most QSO as S&P. On Saturday evening we worked mostly OK stations with average distance approx 150km. Later, during evening and second day we were lucky and logged also DX. Tropo conditions were announced most places around EU and thankfully, we joined club and worked such stations like PA1T, OZ1ALS, IK5ZWU/6 or IQ3LX with our low profile station. Let look how PA1T and IQ3LX were audible.

We stayed QRV on 2m until Sunday afternoon and logged total 127Q. Mostly Czech republic and neighbor countries. 20130707203440

..and when all stations were worked, there was Tour de France yet :)