CQWW 160 CW 2014 - OK1RIG


Luckily we have got access to place which, I would say, is hamradio friendly and also on 160m band. So, our participation in CQWW 160m hang in the air some time before. Also weather cooperated and weekend before contest temperate reached 8°C during beautiful sunny day.

That was right time to make decision hang some antenna on 160m. We have decide λ / 2 long wire feed over L-match. So, over night before antenna work my father built kind of QRO L-match on piece of wood plate.

Next day, I climbed several trees and we managed tight 80m long wire in decent height 12–6m. L-match worked fine and we got good SWR.

Forecast for contest weekend was –1°C and –12°C for second night, and surprisingly, it happened so. For first night we brought our lovely FT767GX. After while was clear those “severalkilowatts” signals are just too much for her RX module, designed approximately 30 years ago. With 500hz wide filter I managed 100Qs.

Over day we had some celebration duty and for second night we brought our IC756pro2 and it was another joy :-) QSOs accumulated much much faster and finally I worked another 200Qs that night, overall 300Qs for this contest.

Output power was approximately 50–75W depended on frequency and SWR. I was also able run for while. Only challenge was to find free 300hz wide spot. Most contacts were performed in near proximity. Only few DX: VY2ZM, RA9Y, EA8/RA1A and 3V8BB.

It was my first operation on 160m since I was introduced to hamradio and as little 12 years old boy I drilled radio traffic on 160m band, only difference we were all on one meadow that time :-)

Great team event in challenging weather. 73 de OK1RIG

Worked WAE entities:
DL(63) OK(29) S5(23) UA(23) UR(18) OM(15) HA(12) SP(12) I(10) LY(9) YO(8) OH(8) YU(7) EU(7) PA(6) HB(5) G(5) YL(4) E7(4) LZ(4) UA9(4) F(4) OE(3) 5B(2) 9A(2) UA2(2) ON(2) SV(2) OZ(2) SM(2) 3V(1) LX(1) VE(1) EA8(1) GM(1) OH0(1) *IT9(1)