VHF Activity contest - October

PA-10 Rig

Today, we gave few points to everyone, who heard us in VHF activity on 2m. Used rig ICOM 706Mk2G, power 50W and portable single 10 elements Yagi at low height.. It was one of great fun activity in that foggy day.

Hamradio operators on Twitter

There is wide hamradio community on Twitter. Unfortunately, if somebody use his/her hamradio callsign does not mean automatically hamradio content. That inspired me to develop some Twitter tools and first task was assign callsign to twitter accounts' screen_name. Here is list of several amateur radio operators who have WWW link in their profile and which I am connected with them somehow.

Setkaní QRP Chrudim 2014


Tradičně každý rok koncem března pořádá radioklub OK1KCR v Chrudimi setkání HAM příznivců vysílání malých výkonů. Jako každý rok jsme do Chrudimi přijeli v pátek navečer. To probíhá neoficiální část setkání s kamarády, kteří jsou stejně postiženi jako my. Letos byla pořadatelem vyhlášená možnost přespat v sále setkání, tak jsme ji využili.

CQWW 160 CW 2014 - OK1RIG


Luckily we have got access to place which, I would say, is hamradio friendly and also on 160m band. So, our participation in CQWW 160m hang in the air some time before. Also weather cooperated and weekend before contest temperate reached 8°C during beautiful sunny day.

CQ WW CW 2013 - OK1RIG


After year it is hear again, big day in hamradio community. As usually I planned join and celebrate it with others on the air. No improvements on radio nor antenna, so I focused on technology in hamshack and little experimenting.

During last CQ WW CW I used DX cluster fed from reverse beacon network, which brought a lot of easy DXes. Later I thought about hamspirit and using such tool and I decided if send log, then as checklog. Anyway, this year it was without RBN.

Tube 6J5B-V / 6Ж5Б-B


Tube 6J5B-V / 6Ж5Б-B

6J5B / 6Ж5Б / 6Ž5B
  • High frequency pentode with short characteristic for amplifying RF voltage.
  • Cathode: indirectly heated, oxide-coated.
  • Work in any position.
  • It is built in miniature glass bulb.
  • Gaurantee life time 500 hours
  • Tube has seven wire terminals, length is longer than 35mm with diameter 0.4mm

Playing with ADIF parser


When I was waiting for my Raspberry Pi year ago I started to learn python language. First I tried composed ADIF parser. During the time, I modified it little to use it via import command and made also some scripts.

VHF EU contest 2013 - OK1RIG


Po letní aktivitě ve 4m pásmu jsem doma na střeše vyměnil tříprvkovou anténu na 70 MHz za 5 elementovou na 2m. Jelikož z výroby předchozí antény zbyl materiál na ráhno asi v délce 1,6m bylo rozhodnuto pro stavbu 5ti prvkové YAGI podle DK7ZB ve verzi 50 ohm se symetrizační tlumivkou.

Buro qsl cards analyze 2013


Year ago I develeped simple script for analyze of QSL cards received via buro. Now it is time look which cards came from buro this year.

QSL Cards which I received via Buro between 8/2012 – 8/2013

Holice 2013


Time run very fast and there is another international amateur radio meeting in Holice. First plan was make quick trip just for Friday and in the evening back. Later we changed our intentions and took our tiny caravan for the ride.

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