KSTchat or DXcluster everywhere


This year I have got from Vodafone GSM operator as christmas present: “6 months mobile internet for free”. Behind this promotional phrase which we were attacked almost from every medium every day is real mean data trafic 5MB/day or 100MB/month. After exceed these limits(they say FUP) is speed reduced down to 16kB/s.

Frequency counter - little progress


There is little progress on my own frequency counter evolution board during xmas holiday.

  • changed 18.432Mhz main crystal for CPU clock to more accurate 32Mhz crystal oscillator divided via one half of 74ALS74 to 16Mhz
  • wrote short code to control LCD HD44780 and show digits on 2 lines via custom characters
  • wired 2nd half 74ALS74 for input prescaler, theoretical maximal meassured frequency is 12.8Mhz

100 DXCC confirmed via LoTW


Today, after upload forgotten 40 QSOs from CQWW2008 phone logbook, QSO with VP2E let me reach 100 Mixed DXCC entities confirmed via LoTW! All QSOs are accumulated since July 2006, when I issued for OK4BX callsign and then become more active on short waves. After 2 and half year, there is 6.500 QSOs and 1.650 LoTW QSLs in the logbook. I have never focused on chasing DX expeditions for DXCC, anyway nice feeling. 73!

OKLIST v číslech


Jako člen ČRK jsem se jako další přihlásil do konference OKLIST. Moje zkušenost: nad obsahem většiny vláken zůstává rozum stát. Zdá se, že tam diskutují jedni a ti samí o tom svém, ať se vlákno jmenuje jakkoli. Nakonec jsem neodolal a celý OKLIST prohnal přes jednoduchý skriptík a vytvořil statistiku. Tak se také pokochejte!

CQ WW CW 2008


Also this year for 3rd time I joined this contest. For me, are CQ WW and WPX CW best contests in the year season. I was not absolutelly healthy, despite that I participated in contest for while, cq ww is only once a year. Before weekend we was here quite windy 10–15m/s and I hoped our antenna survive. As most winds here blown from west and antenna was hit by them, this one from south east return antenna to straight vertical position, hi.

Poslech sondy IKAROS-2


Dne 19.10.2008 jsme hned po vypuštění sondy IKAROS-2 poblíž Plzně vypuštěné Tomášem Vlasem OK9TVR

Writelog is ready for CQ WW CW 2008


I AM HAPPY! Many times before for last half year I tried setup my Writelog program for CW operation on my notebook with my RIG either with dad's desktop and his RIG in hamshack. I always failed, radio locked with continous CW or/and PTT. I solved it varius workarounds, as keying from internal memories in TRX if type of contest allowed it (fixed exchange), another logbooks program usually N1MM or MixWin. Those programs worked immediately after first config!

A1 Marconi memorial contest on 2m


First weekend this month I participated first time in this type of contest. As it is only CW and only 2m I was full of expectation. I logged qso into N1MM log. I configured it on friday evening. As N1MM has not native support of cw decode I got idea use also PTC2 multi mode terminal. It works but I was not able setup keying via PTC2 so I had still connect another interface only for CW keying.. I knew that PTC2 is not mainly designed for CW decode, but I felt much better when I miss something and there is place to look, hi. CDROM lze nyni stahnout pres internet

Tagged: jeden z nejvetsich a nejvice pouzivanych radioamaterskych adresaru na svete nyni ke svemu tradicnimu CDROM vychazejicimu 2× rocne, nabizi sluzbu stahnuti obrazu cdromu pres internet. Obsah CDROMu je generovany kazdy tyden a to v nekolika variantach a ma velikost 48–420Mb dle jednotlive verze kompilace.

Sluzbu lze objednat na obdobi 1,3 a 12 mesicu za cenu 19.95, 29.95 respektive 49.95 USD. Platba je realizovana pres Paypal. durazne upozornuje, ze na stazeni jednotlivych souboru je treba mit vysokorychlostni internet.

Control board for QRP TRX


We still discussed about our QRP-TRX and we changed our previous decision and decided to display current frequency with Nixie tubes, it will be more stylish with others tubes in this TRX. Unfortunatelly, kit from N3ZI is not suitable for this purpose and I decided build own controller for meassure frequency with Nixie support and with others features like keyer and clock.

This is first try showing 1.8432MHz from testing crystal oscillator.

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