Yaesu FT817 Filter installation


My FT817 has new CW filter

  • Remove top cover
  • Unscrew red marked screws (not visible side is not marked)
  • Loosen blue marked screws

  • It is not necessary remove speaker plug
  • Filter fit to pins very gently

  • Set Menu #38 CW or SSB depends on your filter type
  • Active filter: Function → Rotate position 7 → Button “C” – “NAR”
  • Enjoy!

144MHz A1 Marconi contest 2012


I was giving points with our club call OK1RIG to others in this contest for about two hours. I used our dual band vertical and FT817 powered from internal battery. This mean 20dB loss due different antenna polarization to other stations and only max 3 watts power output from TRX.

Worked those stations (18): OE1W, OK5Z, OM3W, OM3TZZ, OK6TW, OK2KGB, OK2KG, OK2DGB, HA2R, OL2J, OK1KCR, OM2DT, OM6A, OL1Z, OM3RAL, OL1B, OK2AF, OK2C

Heard DK6AS from JN59OP which is 340km

CQ WW SSB 2012 - OK4BX


I joined CQWW SSB contest also this year. There is always same hardware at our station, so 10m was only one choice for me. It is only band, where our vertical perform good SWR in whole phone portion of band. CONDX forecast was promising and I hoped for similar propagation like in 2011.

QRSS příjem majáků v pásmu 30m


Nedávno můj syn Tomáš přišel s nápadem, abych postavil QRSS přijímač na 30m. Mezi tím v zahraničí nakoupil krystaly 10.140 MHz a já studoval význam a činnost QRSS majáků včetně příjmu signálů QRSS a jejich grafické zobrazení. Použití zvukové karty a počítače je nutné, protože výkon zmiňovaných majáků je typicky 100–300mW, QRSS pásmo je široké jen 100Hz a ke všemu jedna tečka v základním módu trvá tři vteřiny.

Story of QRSS 30m DC RX


Some time ago my son Tomáš came with idea, that we can build QRSS receiver for 30M band. He obtained crystals 10140kHz from internet and I studied what QRSS beacons are about. They are low powered beacons, typically 100–250mW transmit ID very slow morse code where one dot lasts 3s usually. QRSS sub-band is only 100Hz wide and cause all of these factors is necessary use PC with soundcard and software which plot signals to spectrograph.



Also in this weekend dad and I participated in CQ WW RTTY contest. This time each of us used different callsign. I had my own – OK4BX, dad used our new Radio Club callsign – OK1RIG. Condx were awesome whole weekend and I spent most time on 15m & 10m bands. Dad sat by radio during Saturday evening and night to early Sunday morning.

Poslech školní konference s ISS


Dostal jsem zprávu od Toma OK4BX z Tweetru:

2e0sql: School ISS Contact tomorrow at 12:23 UK Time.. should be strong as its over Germany.. 145.800 +/- Doppler

Buro qsl cards analyze


Every year we visit town Holice, where is performed one of biggest hamradio event in our country. Every year we handle Buro cards there, incoming a outcoming. This time I received a lot of nice (DX) cards and I got idea make little analyze what cards came through Buro for me last year.

Raspberry Pi


Tak jsem pred nekolika mesici po velke prvni vlne take neodolal a vyplnil formular k pred objednani maliny a trpelive cekal co se bude dit. I kdyz jsem tomu moc neveril, tak jsem se cca po 2 mesicich dockal. Na kartu nahral oficialni distribuci, toho casu Squezze a podarilo se me nabootovat do shellu, posleze i do Lxde.

Prefix quiz in Python


For anyone who wants drill hamradio prefixes like me, I wrote this simple python script. It is my next python exercise. It works only one way: Question is prefix, Options are DXCC entity names. It is based on cty.dat. It is available at and must be in same directory as code below. Hit ctrl-c or ctrl-break to exit app.

Have a fun !

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