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Best of 10M in CQ WW Phone 2009


I did not think about participation in this contest. After seeing SSN 30 and Solar Flux 76 I said, I could try it and changed my decision. I spent most time on 15M & 10M. Made 155 QSOs. Hrd nice DXes, calling was not often so smooth with 100w and vertical antenna. Very happy I could successfuly worked ZS9X, PW5G and LU1HF on 10M. Great experience :-)

Unfortunatelly, on the audiorecord is not my voice, you can recognize blank space where I shouted my callsign ..

CQ WW RTTY 2009 with detailed NA statistic


On weekend 26–28th september 2009 I participated again in hamradio CQWW RTTY contest. As usually my setup was Icom756pro2 with max output power 100w, sometime much less depends on band and situation. Antenna multiband vertical after repair. It got new trap and much better adjustment than before. On the desktop computer Writelog with MMTTY plugin and connected TRX via CIV.

Holice 2009


We (father OK2BX and I) visited this year hamradio meeting Holice again. Long time was not clear which day we go there. Finally situation permited and we went on Friday. We woke up in early morning. It is not so far, but there is only low level class roads and riding them take some time. Weather forecast for weekend was pretty bad. On Friday afternoon they predicted quick fall of temperature and storms with hailstones.

Revitalizace kalendáře


Už je tomu více jak rok od prvního pokusu mít amaterské události nashromážděny v google kalendářích. Ohlasy na tuto mou aktivitu jsou minimální, a tak obsah plním podle osobní nálady a potřeby. To mělo za následek útlum v aktualizaci především KV závodů – to je totiž nejpracnější.

VHF Field day 2009


We were invited by friends join them this VHF field day. Invitation was accepted. We had some duty in Saturday morning yet, so started packing little bit later than usually. I took 9 el yagi 144MHz, no doubt. Zdenek packed his 70MHz stuff. Still discussed if take HF antenna or not, finally added 1/4w vertical (20–15–10M). Car was full, time to go..

Trip to Friedrichshafen, Hamradio 2009


Father and I, were playing with idea visit FH since middle of 2008. I had not been there and my father visited Hamradio once in 1991, it was in the city in alte messe. Two months before event we decided go to FH.

70Mhz beacon list formatted to SMS


I talked with my dad on the phone, he is on the hill and he also said to: “Send me list of 4m beacon frequencies by sms, I forgot paper version at home.” So, I found data on internet and edited it. Total 429 characters, it will be split into 3 and more parts, depend what service you will use..

Story about LCD hacking


It started long time ago, just after velvet revolution. Borders were opened and we were allowed visit other country. My father bought on flea market at vienna radioclub some intresting electronics. After years we found at home one piece of LCD bought there. Daddy said: “it could be nice in QRP TRX to show current QRG, do you know control it?” And it was challenge to me..

Actual list of OK QSL Bureau users


For anyone who plan to send QSL cards to Czech republic and does not want worry about trashing qsl cards, because they are undelivered, I recommend filter outcomming cards to OK upon this list of valid Czech QSL bureau users maintained by Czech radio club. There are two versions MS Excel and CSV (one line, one callsign).

CRC website translated with Google

Just Another CW Keyer


It started few months ago. I got idea I could build stand-alone CW keyer and get some more skill. Of course, I think we have still some old keyers, but they are too large and uncomfotable. There are also keyers in several TRXes at home, but it is ideal only for on air operations..

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