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QRZ.com CDROM lze nyni stahnout pres internet


QRZ.com jeden z nejvetsich a nejvice pouzivanych radioamaterskych adresaru na svete nyni ke svemu tradicnimu CDROM vychazejicimu 2× rocne, nabizi sluzbu stahnuti obrazu cdromu pres internet. Obsah CDROMu je generovany kazdy tyden a to v nekolika variantach a ma velikost 48–420Mb dle jednotlive verze kompilace.

Sluzbu lze objednat na obdobi 1,3 a 12 mesicu za cenu 19.95, 29.95 respektive 49.95 USD. Platba je realizovana pres Paypal. QRZ.com durazne upozornuje, ze na stazeni jednotlivych souboru je treba mit vysokorychlostni internet.

Control board for QRP TRX


We still discussed about our QRP-TRX and we changed our previous decision and decided to display current frequency with Nixie tubes, it will be more stylish with others tubes in this TRX. Unfortunatelly, kit from N3ZI is not suitable for this purpose and I decided build own controller for meassure frequency with Nixie support and with others features like keyer and clock.

This is first try showing 1.8432MHz from testing crystal oscillator.

JARTS RTTY Contest 2008


Dad and I participated together also in JART RTTY contest. It was great weekend. This contest was little bit different than CQ WW week ago for us. After while we worked many of stations on the band and callsign often highlighted in red colour – it mean station is in our log.

We changed by radio quite often, because of lack of new stations calling cq. When I was not by radio, I completed frequency counter which I ordered in summer.

Crossband prevadec na ISS je opet aktivni


28. rijna 2008 astronaut Mike Fincke, KE5AIT aktivoval radioamaterske zarizeni na palube mezinarodni vesmirne stanice do modu V/U (FM) prevadece. Uplink je na 437.800 MHz, je treba pocitat s dopler efektem az 10KHz od zakladni frekvence. Downlink na kmitoctu 145.800 Mhz. Bez PL tonu. Doba aktivace prevadece neni presne znama.

ke9v, southgate 1,2

Counter kit for our QRP TRX


In summer I saw in one global rss feed information from solder smoke website about counter kits from Doug N3ZI. I like it and I added it to favourites. After some time returned to Doug's website and decided ask him to some details which were not clear to me. He replied immediately and I ordered chip with frequency counter firmware with xtal and display – without PCB. I am used to do everything on “universal board”.

QRA Locator map integrated into Drupal


I have to say that Drupal, which we use for this webpages, is very complex system, more than just simple blog. There is huge list of 3rd party modules. I experienced that one idea can be realized more than one way. There is a lot of space modify existing solutions or help with to authors of 3rd modules with error reports.



I suggested to my father that we could contest both together. We could make one team instead be QRV each separetaly. My idea was accepted immediately and we decided for cq ww rtty contest.

Week ago we tested our station and our logbook control skills in rtty cis contest. We had removed our trx because of small local reconstructions and then suddenly did not work our home made optoisolated CI-V interface. There was no reason because we only reconnected all wires, finally additional capacity to RTS/DTR supply on computer side solved this issue !

RTTY TIP: How easy read badly received numbers!


Probably everyone who operate RTTY happened that numbers were typed as letters, 599 is then TOO. It happen because RTTY use only 5bits code. 5bits represents only 32 combinations which is not enough for all letters and numbers, so there are special characters which shift to letters or numbers. So, when you miss just this special character, numbers are written as letters and vice versa.

SSTV aktivita z mezinarodni vesmirne stanice ISS


Vesmirny turista Richard Garriott W5KWQ se bude ucastnit nasledujici vymeny posadek 17. a 18. na mezinarodni vesmirne stanici. Po pripojeni rakety TMA-13, 14. rijna a nasledujicich 9 dni bude provadet rozsahle fotografovani Zeme.

Planuje se, ze jako radioamater v ramci programu ARISS bude mit interview se skolami, dale by pak mel navazovat spojeni s ostatnimi radioamatery a vysilat obrazky pomoci SSTV v modu Robot36 na frekvenci 145.800MHz FM.

Ham trip - VHF Contest - All Asian DX contest


On Saturday 6th september 2008 father and I performed one day ham radio trip. First we visited Zdenek OK2VMJ and Franta at Karasin jn89dn (712m asl) who camped there and participated in VHF contest and on journay back home we said “hello” to OK5Z crew at Cyrilov jn89ak (662m asl).

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