My dad use old good MMVARI for digi modes and he has his logbook there too. I like simple straightforward user interface with possibility of user scripting. Only difficulty of that old version of MMVARI is that output ADIF file which does not meet standards of ADIF file.

I made simple python script to correct it. PSK MODE is transformed into PSK31 (no other modes used). When there is not BAND specified, it does mean, it is 4m band. In this case it tries grab frequency from COMMENT field.

Active CW stations WW Oct-Dec 2014

After analysis of Czech active hams on CW, I got idea to modify script and do world wide overview. I have still data downloaded from RBN.

CQ WW CW 2014 - OK1RIG


Weather was pretty awful during that weekend. Temperature was around 0°C, overcast with low clouds. It was freezing during nights and temperature dropped slightly bellow zero and all got frozen, better stay at home.

Due the weather conditions antenna did not cooperate too much. All bands except 10m had very bad SWR. So, decision was made and on Saturday morning I looked on 10m. Band scope indicated a lot of activities there.

A1 MMC 2014 - OK1RIG

OK2BX after successful antenna installation

VHF Activity contest - October

PA-10 Rig

Today, we gave few points to everyone, who heard us in VHF activity on 2m. Used rig ICOM 706Mk2G, power 50W and portable single 10 elements Yagi at low height.. It was one of great fun activity in that foggy day.

Hamradio operators on Twitter

There is wide hamradio community on Twitter. Unfortunately, if somebody use his/her hamradio callsign does not mean automatically hamradio content. That inspired me to develop some Twitter tools and first task was assign callsign to twitter accounts' screen_name. Here is list of several amateur radio operators who have WWW link in their profile and which I am connected with them somehow.

CQWW 160 CW 2014 - OK1RIG


Luckily we have got access to place which, I would say, is hamradio friendly and also on 160m band. So, our participation in CQWW 160m hang in the air some time before. Also weather cooperated and weekend before contest temperate reached 8°C during beautiful sunny day.

CQ WW CW 2013 - OK1RIG


After year it is hear again, big day in hamradio community. As usually I planned join and celebrate it with others on the air. No improvements on radio nor antenna, so I focused on technology in hamshack and little experimenting.

During last CQ WW CW I used DX cluster fed from reverse beacon network, which brought a lot of easy DXes. Later I thought about hamspirit and using such tool and I decided if send log, then as checklog. Anyway, this year it was without RBN.

Tube 6J5B-V / 6Ж5Б-B


Tube 6J5B-V / 6Ж5Б-B

6J5B / 6Ж5Б / 6Ž5B
  • High frequency pentode with short characteristic for amplifying RF voltage.
  • Cathode: indirectly heated, oxide-coated.
  • Work in any position.
  • It is built in miniature glass bulb.
  • Gaurantee life time 500 hours
  • Tube has seven wire terminals, length is longer than 35mm with diameter 0.4mm

Playing with ADIF parser


When I was waiting for my Raspberry Pi year ago I started to learn python language. First I tried composed ADIF parser. During the time, I modified it little to use it via import command and made also some scripts.

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