Hamradio photo mix


I put together this hamradio compilation for fun. Those pictures came from me and my twitter friends. All photo rights belong to their authors. Music rights belong to rumblefish.

Explore DXCC in Google Earth


I love geography, I love explore world in Google earth and I love hamradio. After years, I can't still say I know all prefixes of DXCC entities. So, I got idea write simple python script and put DXCC entities into Google earth and start explore. If you have same passions, lets download pfx.kmz and open GE

Overview OK4BX 2012


RAEM contest OK1RIG 2012


On Sunday, hour before local noon dad informed me, that RAEM contest is underway. Hmm, I took it as invitation to sit by radio and make some radio contacts in last 2 hours of contest.

#QRSS MEPT @OK1RIG made it to ZL


We made first observation when OK1RIG 30M QRSS MEPT probably appeared on ZL2IK few days ago. Unfortunately, it was quite weak and interfered with IV3ZXY signal and it was hard to decode our full callsign on the screen. We compared it with LA5GOA grabber and traces were pretty same.

CQ WW CW 2012 - OK4BX


CQ WW CW contest is one of my most favourite contests in year. I participate every year if it is possible. There is no change on our station, so I decided try newly assisted category with data from public reverse beacon network. Made pre-contest tests and it looked promising.

DX Cluster filtering for #CQWW contest


reject/spots 1 not by_zone 14,15,16 – Exclude spots received outside CQz 14–16
reject/spots 2 on warc – No WARC
reject/spots 3 freq 160m – No 160m
reject/spots 4 freq 80m – No 80m

show/filter – Show current filtering
clear/spots [0–9] – clear defined filtering slot
clear/spots all – clear all filters

Yaesu FT817 Filter installation


My FT817 has new CW filter

  • Remove top cover
  • Unscrew red marked screws (not visible side is not marked)
  • Loosen blue marked screws

  • It is not necessary remove speaker plug
  • Filter fit to pins very gently

  • Set Menu #38 CW or SSB depends on your filter type
  • Active filter: Function → Rotate position 7 → Button “C” – “NAR”
  • Enjoy!

144MHz A1 Marconi contest 2012


I was giving points with our club call OK1RIG to others in this contest for about two hours. I used our dual band vertical and FT817 powered from internal battery. This mean 20dB loss due different antenna polarization to other stations and only max 3 watts power output from TRX.

Worked those stations (18): OE1W, OK5Z, OM3W, OM3TZZ, OK6TW, OK2KGB, OK2KG, OK2DGB, HA2R, OL2J, OK1KCR, OM2DT, OM6A, OL1Z, OM3RAL, OL1B, OK2AF, OK2C

Heard DK6AS from JN59OP which is 340km

CQ WW SSB 2012 - OK4BX


I joined CQWW SSB contest also this year. There is always same hardware at our station, so 10m was only one choice for me. It is only band, where our vertical perform good SWR in whole phone portion of band. CONDX forecast was promising and I hoped for similar propagation like in 2011.

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