Story of QRSS 30m DC RX


Some time ago my son Tomáš came with idea, that we can build QRSS receiver for 30M band. He obtained crystals 10140kHz from internet and I studied what QRSS beacons are about. They are low powered beacons, typically 100–250mW transmit ID very slow morse code where one dot lasts 3s usually. QRSS sub-band is only 100Hz wide and cause all of these factors is necessary use PC with soundcard and software which plot signals to spectrograph.



Also in this weekend dad and I participated in CQ WW RTTY contest. This time each of us used different callsign. I had my own – OK4BX, dad used our new Radio Club callsign – OK1RIG. Condx were awesome whole weekend and I spent most time on 15m & 10m bands. Dad sat by radio during Saturday evening and night to early Sunday morning.

Buro qsl cards analyze


Every year we visit town Holice, where is performed one of biggest hamradio event in our country. Every year we handle Buro cards there, incoming a outcoming. This time I received a lot of nice (DX) cards and I got idea make little analyze what cards came through Buro for me last year.

Prefix quiz in Python


For anyone who wants drill hamradio prefixes like me, I wrote this simple python script. It is my next python exercise. It works only one way: Question is prefix, Options are DXCC entity names. It is based on cty.dat. It is available at www.country-files.com and must be in same directory as code below. Hit ctrl-c or ctrl-break to exit app.

Have a fun !



160M 0 0 0
80M 19 37 5
40M 160 342 95
20M 245 373 151
15M 279 539 175
10M 74 120 30
Total 777 1411 456
Score 643416

TRX Icom 756pro2 50W. Antenna multiband 40–10m by sp7gxp. All QSOs made S&P. Always was possible find new stations anywhere. It was fun spent all the weekend by radio.
Highlight: HK1NA, NH2T & ZL3IO.

Adif parser in Python


I am one of many who is waiting for Raspberry Pi. For make waiting more fun I decided learn Python programming language, which will be one focused in Raspberry Pi Linux distribution. They claim it is ideal for beginners and easy to learn. Yes, it is, very friendly and intuitive. I like it!

I used it already for build some DXKeeper's tool. Next challenge/exercise was write adif parser, as I already did it in Perl, some year ago.

OQRS script for DXKeeper


OQRS is Online QSL Request System. You do not need send your QSL card to station or manager, just submit your QSO data and pay with paypal for postage otherwise your QSL card will arrive via bureau.

OK QSL Buro members & DXKeeper


Once upon time, Czech QSL buro operated by Czech radio club provide list of their members. You know, QSL cards sent via Buro to Czech republic are delivered only to members. QSL cards for non members are trashed (not send back).

Universal Avr ISP programming board


I use for programming AVR chips programmer with 10 pins connector (PFL10). I solder in my application board header and I am done. But what to do, when I need program single chip? Long time ago I prepared board with voltage regulator, ISP connector and 4 sockets, finally wired one for TINY2313. It laid long time here unfinished.

How my grandfather lost hamradio licence before WWII


Few days ago my father OK2BX visited his sister and browsed her family albums for old photos and documents related to their father, my grandfather. He came back home and brought some photos and documents. Really cool staff there, but touched me this one.

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