How import old SFI, A, K data into DXKeeper logbook


These days are condx much better than in time when we count row of spotless days. In ADIF, file used for hamradio logbook, is also possibility store SFI, A, K data. I use DXKeeper logbook from DXLabsuite and it can handle these data as well.

100 years anniversary of Bohuslav Borovička OK2BX


13th October 2011 would, our farher and grandfather, Bohuslav Borovička OK2BX celebrates his 100th birthday. He is always in our hearts.

Zdeněk OK2BX and Tomáš OK4BX



As previous year 2010 and 2008, father OK2BX and me OK4BX, participated CQ WW RTTY contest with our contest callsign OL2X. We have same configuration for past couple years – power ~200W and 40–10m multiband vertical. After last years’ 930Q, I suggested we could try break 1000Q mark.

QRP VHF Contest 2011


never before I participated in such type of contest with QRP power. As I am getting older, I changed my opinion and bought Yaesu FT-817, true QRP rig. So, I joined contest and I am surprised, in positive way.

Backup Dxkeeper logbook online


Long time I used logger32 logbook program. I was not fully satisfied and then I found Dxkeeper which is part of DXLAB suite. It is ideal for my needs. I use various programs for my ham activity and all ADIF data accumulate just to Dxkeeper. It has good interface to LoTW, Clublog or UI for filling QSL cards.

Rewrite paper log to ADIF with google spreadsheet


There are situations, when I rather use pencil and paper log, rather than computer. Computer needs energy, display can be hardly seen on direct Sun, it is heavy and you need log only few contacts. Paper is much flexible, but what then?

DX Cluster on VFD display


I had long time on my mind idea show DX spots from DX Cluster on separate display, rather than common VGA display. Some time ago I luckily got used 2×20 characters VF display which everyone knows, in example, from shops when we pay by cash register.

Modification of Libra 40m QRP TRX


Some time ago, I bought from polish friend pcb of QRP transceiver Libra 40. It was almost complete, only coils and some components were missing. One hour of work Libra 40 revive. After tune input circuit and setup BFO output level into detector I could hear many CW stations, but their signals were very distorted. Author probably wanted continue in successful constructions with MC3362, in my humble opinion, he did not succeed. This TRX is built on MC3361 chip, which is primary intended for FM.



After long time dad and me decided take again on-air our contest callsign OL2X. Upcomming CQ WW RTTY contest was great opportunity have some fun during 48 hours. We already participated in CQ WW RTTY 2008 and we use always same hardware, so it is little easy compare our effort and condx.

VHF Contest 2010

  • I participated very short time in VHF contest and gave some points.
  • Krátká účast v závodě během sobotniho podvečera, kdy jsem rozdal pár bodů.
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