Mikron P5-2 - russian automatic tuner


We offer:

  • Russian automatic tunner Mikron P5-II (Микрон П5–2)
  • It was spare part and it sold as shown on photos. There is not corpus.
  • As it aeronotical device which works with main at 127V/400Hz!
  • http://www.radioscanner.ru/…vil/yadro-2/
  • Length: 70cm Diameter: 12cm Weight: 5.4kg
  • Range: 2–30MHz Power rating: 400+ Watts
  • It is sold as it is, not tested
  • Price 130 USD
  • contact us for more info
P_20160421_191017 P_20160421_191007 P_20160421_191001 P_20160421_190958 P_20160421_190955 P_20160421_190951 P_20160421_191039 Mikron-P5VMk-principialnaya_shema