Official list of issued hamradio callsigns in Czech republic


Sometimes is fine check callsign, if really does exist. In Czech republic is available search on website of Czech telecomunication office, who care about our hamradio licenses. So, you will get most official results from there. But, in Czech republic does exist law for protect personal data, so this search returns only ID number of license and license expiration date (No names, no addresses)

Here is link to OK hamradio licenses search

  • Volací značka = Callsign
  • Č. rozhodnutí = License NR.
  • Platnost do = Valid to

Please, always enter callsign UPPERCASE

You can use also mysql wildcards:

  • % represents any token of characters.
  • %AA – any callsign with AA sufix
  • %BX% – any callsign contains BX
  • _ represents just one character.
  • OK__ – any one letter OK callsign

Actual reserved prefixes in Czech republic:

  • OK0 – Unmanned stations – repeaters, beacons, PR nodes, etc..
  • OK8 – Forigners with Czech license in OK
  • OK9 – Novice class
  • OL – Usually contest calls or special event calls